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We are all born storytellers, living in a world woven together by countless tales. Get to know more about Jan Camerone, the storyteller who, through his art, discovered how he was inspired by the natural elements surrounding him during his upbringing.

From the lush landscapes to the vibrant wildlife, Jan’s art reflects his deep connection to nature and his passion for weaving together a story through his paintings. Explore the collection of his works and be captivated by the stories he tells, each with its unique beauty.

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Jan Camerone, an artist of Indonesian descent, was born with a natural inclination towards the arts. Since childhood, he has been captivated by the power of drawing and its ability to capture life’s most beautiful moments. In 1959, he embarked on his artistic journey under the mentorship of Mohammad Toha, the Presidential Palace painter for President Soekarno.

Jan’s passion for art led him to pursue higher education in Germany, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigious Munich Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in realism, impressionism, and surrealism. He embarked on a journey through Europe, where he explored the art scenes of France and the Netherlands and held solo exhibitions in Germany. In 2019, he had the honour of holding another solo exhibition in Singapore, attended by esteemed dignitaries such as the Singapore Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, The Indonesian Ambassador in Singapore, and Members of the Indonesian Parliament.

Today, Jan Camerone continues to bring his artistic vision to life in his workshop, travelling the world to participate in major art exhibitions in Indonesia and internationally, sharing his captivating pieces with art lovers everywhere. Jan Camerone’s art is a window into his world, inviting you to explore the depth of his emotions and the stories he wants to tell through his artworks.

Recent Exhibitions

Becoming One With Nature


Oct 2023

Colours of Life


Mar – Apr 2022

Reflection of Our Hearts


Jan 2019

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